General Promotional Terms & Conditions

1.    These General Promotional Terms and Conditions are applicable to all promotional offers available on the website together with specific Terms and Conditions of every Single Promotional Campaign and the General Terms and Conditions. The Company will run Promotions and the details of each single promotion will be described in Terms and Conditions of the Promotion and/or accompanying communications. In case of any discrepancies between Promotional Terms and Conditions and Terms and Conditions of a Single Promotional Campaign, Terms and Conditions of a Single Campaign will prevail.

2.    Each Promotion will have a predefined period of time during which the promotion will be active. If no time indication is provided, the promotion will be terminated at Company´s discretion. Once the Promotion has been terminated, no further participation will be allowed.

3.    All promotions, unless specified differently, are limited to one per customer, household, family and registered address.

4.    Promotions cannot be transferred and can only be used by those selected and addressed by the Company.

5.    The Company in its sole discretion will determine the persons eligible to participate in a promotion and exclude persons who are not eligible to participate based on legal, geographical or any other grounds Company might find relevant. The Client has no general entitlement to participate in a Campaign.

6.    The participation in the Promotion is voluntarily and can be refused. In order to participate in the promotion full compliance with Terms and Condition of the Promotion is needed.

7.    No employees, executives, managers, directors, consultants, or agents in our branches or affiliated companies, or any of our providers or sellers, can participate in any Promotions during their term of employment and/or engagement.

8.    Residents of all jurisdiction where it is not legal to participate in our offer are not allowed to take part in any of the promotions. If such persons decide to participate, Company reserves the right to void any bonuses, payments, winnings or prizes.

9.    Participation in all promotion is subject to minimum deposit made by the customer, unless specified differently in Terms and Conditions of a specific Promotional Campaign.

10.    All promotions are subject to release and withdrawal restrictions specified in Terms and Conditions of a specific Promotional Campaign.

11.    The Company reserves the right to terminate/change any promotion at any point of time, without previous notice and to modify the terms of participation.

12.    The Client binds himself not to abuse the ability of opening accounts in order to benefit from Promotional Campaigns that The Company may offer. Promotional Campaigns are intended for recreational players and The Company may in its sole discretion limit the eligibility of customers to participate. The Company allows only one active Player’s account. Opening a second account may lead to the closing of the account and bonuses and winnings cancelled.

13.    The Company reserves the right to exclude players from all Promotions and void any winnings in case they are abusing bonus offer. Misusing a promotional system as well as the Client’s acting in bad faith intending to profit from the obvious technical or other mistake occurs within the services provided by the Company may also result in revoking or canceling any bonus and winnings which are deemed to be abuse. The Client accepts that The Company’s decision is final.

14.    The company can, under certain circumstances, credit a player’s account with so called “bonus money”. The conditions for the crediting of the bonus and the amount of the bonus is determined by the Company and set out on the website from time to time and/or annouced by email newsletters as Promotional Campaign.

15.    The bonus is stated separately on the account in the bonus money wallet. The bonus money cannot be paid out but can be converted to cash by staking real money (cash). To convert the bonus money  (means see them credited in the real money wallet) you have to fulfill the wagering requirements. Only a real money stake counts to wagering requirements.

16.    If an account contains both the real money and bonus money, the bonus money will only be available for wagering once the existing money from real money wallet has been used which means that , the funds in the real money wallet will be used prior to the use of the funds from bonus money wallet. If real money wallet balance is not available any more then the bet placed is deducted from the player’s bonus wallet. Specific bonus conditions may be published on the website with the launch of specific bonus schemes.

17.    Winnings achieved by staking bonus money are added as bonus money in the bonus money wallet and also fall under wagering requirements.

18.    The withdrawal of funds from an account before completing bonus conditions will immediately nullify the bonus wallet balance and the Player will no longer be eligible for any accumulated bonus rewards. However, the Player can still payout what he has on his Real money account.

19.    The player acknowledges that not all games may be capable of being played for bonus money and it shall be within the Company´s discretion to determine which games shall support this type of game play.

20.    The Company reserves the right to revoke and/or cancel any bonus and/or winnings which are deemed to have been gained as a result of abuse and/or misuse of any promotional system or are result of the Player’s acting in bad faith intending to profit from the obvious technical or other mistake occurs within the Services provided by the Company Investments. In the event of any dispute, Player accepts that The Company’s decision is final.

21.    Any indication of fraud, manipulation, cash-back arbitrage, or other forms of deceitful or fraudulent activity based on the provision of the bonus will render the account inactive along with any and all profits or losses garnered.

22.    These General Promotional Terms & Conditions may be published in several languages for information purposes and ease of access by players. In case of any discrepancy between a non-English version and the English version of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.

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