Your aim: 5 matching symbols next to each other on one of the win lines

Number of lines: 10

Number of reels: 5 on the main reels, 5 each on all of the side reels

Win lines direction: from left to right

Special symbols: Joker (“Wild West”)

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Play Wild West now!

Got two trigger finger on those hands of yours, partner? Then step right up – at Wild West™, it’s always high noon, thanks to a main set of reels and three side sets. So saddle up and ride into a sunset of winnings. Just don’t forget your boots, proper hat and revolvers… as well as s bit of that patented gunslinger luck. The wide prairie is waiting for you! Giddy-up!

Wild West Screenshot

Features and Jackpots

Gunshot Bonus

Partner! Got a nose for success, do you? Then follow it straight to your goal, right alongside the trail of gunsmoke. If you win a spin, the gunshot bonus might trigger and shoot holes in one or more reel sets which contain winning combinations. That shot will add multipliers of up to times ten!

Hi Roller

You want more? Activate the hi roller mode via the red “Hi Roller” button at the lower edge of the screen. Here you can choose from among two bet variants: Silver (five times the bet) or gold (ten times the bet). Each variant will give you three spins with wild symbols, which are held on the positions!

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