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When the Stars are shining for you, you are raking it in with Power Stars™!

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"It’s written in the stars" because in Power Stars™ profitable stars are twinkling in the night sky just for you! Boisterous fruits are bombing around five reels and ten win lines, from time to time a Bell is ringing - or rather landing - and the 7 is not long in coming either. They all just have one thing in mind: filling up your account. And when the Power-Stars, that act as Joker in the game as well as guarantors for free games, are starting to shine your time has come because now your winning combos are taking center stage!

Features & Jackpot

Two is better than one - anyone knows that. But did you know that this saying is true for Stars in particular? Now you can double your winnings in the Gamble Game with a little luck!

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