Your aim: 5 matching symbols next to each other on one of the win lines
Number of lines: up to 20
Reels: 5
Win line direction: from left to right
Special symbols: Jackpot number (7)

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Play Golden Sevens now!

Golden Sevens is a classic, colourful fruit slot machine. Spin the reels and multiply your winnings in no time - you just need to land the symbols in the correct order. Five, ten or 20 win lines across five reels will not only secure you big winnings, but also give you the chance of cracking a massive jackpot!

Golden Sevens Screenshot

Features and Jackpots

Progressive Jackpot

Golden Sevens has a common progressive jackpot for all stakes and currencies. If you land the ‘7’ 15 times, you win the Jackpot. If you play the maximum bet amount, you win 100% of the Jackpot. Lower bets pay the proportionate Jackpot sum.

Golden Sevens Paytable


Select the amount of credit you would like to take with you to the machine upon enteringGolden Sevens. Then select the bet by using the ‘+/–’ symbols. You can spin the reels once by clicking on the ‘Start’ button. Click the ‘Autostart’ button to trigger automatic spins and click the ‘Stop’ button to deactivate them.

Click on the ‘Paytable’ button to go to the winnings overview. The potential winnings based on the size of your current bet are displayed here.


It’s double or nothing: The ‘Gamble’ button will appear as soon as you have a winning combination (see ‘Paytable’). You have the chance to double your winnings in the Gamble game. Your winning odds are 50:50. If you would like to gamble, simply click on the ‘Gamble’ button and start the Gamble game. If you don't want to gamble, click on the ‘Collect’ button.

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