Your aim: 5 identical winning symbols on one of the lines
Number of lines: 20
Number of reels: 5

Pay line direction: from left to right

Special symbols: Joker symbol, Wild symbol

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Play Cops 'n' Robbers Vegas Vacation™ now!

Are you ready for the biggest heist of all times? Then go on a raid with the cunning crooks in Cops ʼnʼ Robbers™ Vegas Vacation and play a trick on the cops! Your faithful friend Bonzo, the dog, assists you in finding plenty of Bonus games and great features!

Cops 'n' Robbers Vegas Vacation™ Screenshot

Features and Jackpots

Bonus games

Searchlight Wilds

Searchlights are scanning the reels during five free games - wherever the cone of light lands a Wild symbol is added. You can win additional bonus games during a bonus game. When they start remaining free game rounds are forfeited but winnings are retained.

A Bone for Bonzo

Let Bonzo dig for bones because they bring you multipliers! He searches until he comes across a fish bone. Bonzo doesn't like those which means the Bonus game is over.

On the Run

Thrills galore: Bert, the crook, is facing sergeant Bell, the policeman, in a duel of dice. Bert starts at the top of a playing field and moves the number of points rolled to a field with a winning multiplier. Afterwards, it's sergeant Bell's turn. His aim: To catch up with Bert as soon as possible. If he succeeds the Bonus game is over. There is a lineup where one of three suspects is picked at random: If Bert is picked the Bonus game is over, if one of the other two is picked you either receive compensation or return to the Bonus game.

Daylight Robberies

Hurry up and strike now before Bert is caught! Go on a raid with Bert on 40 win lines and play an unlimited number of free games until sergeant Bell's chase is successful. You can bag your total bet times 1000 plus all Bonus wins!

Bert’s Going Wild

The robber Bert adds Wild symbols to the reels at random places during a spin.

Bert’s Wild Giveaway

Bert distributes Wilds to the fifth reel that move one position to the left during every spin.

Reel Looter

Bert swings on a rope from the first reel to the next and copies their symbols to subsequent reels.

Dynamite Win

Unsuccessful spin? No worries, Bert can change everything! He makes the reels explode after a spin and maybe finds a win or a Bonus.

Cops 'n' Robbers Vegas Vacation™ Paytable


Directly after entering Cops ʼnʼ Robbers™ Vegas Vacation select the amount you would like to play with for the whole game. Then set the exact amount using the symbols “+/–.” You can spin the reels once by clicking on the “Start” button. Click the “Autostart” button to trigger automatic spins and click the “Stop” button to deactivate them.

A click on the “Paytable” button will bring up an overview of what you could win. The potential winnings based on your current bet are displayed here.


It’s double or nothing: The "Gamble" button will appear as soon as you have a winning combination (see Paytable). You have the chance to double your winnings in the Gamble game. Your winning odds are 50:50. If you would like to gamble, simply click on the "Gamble" button and start the Gamble game. If you don't want to gamble click on the "Collect" button.

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